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there was also an indifference which bordered on

Whenever we passed through the Crow country
they always followed us until we were entirely out
of their territory. As we camped at night we
could see them camping upon our trail in the
distance. They mistrusted us and we mistrusted
them. And all through the night we could hear
their spies signalling to one another from the
neighbouring buttes, by mimicking the night calls
of the coyote or the night-hawk. Often by day5
as we travelled across the Crow country,> some of
us youngsters sitting in the travaux would see a
bunch of eagle feathers appearing above the hori-
zon behind us, and then we would see a brown
face and two eyes looking at us. We would tell
our mother what we saw—and she would say,
'Shsh—keep quiet—they will not harm you/

But a very queer thing happened one day while
we were camping along the upper Missouri River3
where we had stopped in the heart of the Crow
country to have an afternoon meal. After the
lunch one of our braves. Rattling Track., was
sitting on the bank of the river cleaning his
muzzle-loader with a rod. One of my uncles.
Flying Bow Boy, came past him and looked
down at him and remarked jokingly:

"What are you cleaning that gun for? You
can't shoot anything with it/